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151 Family trees submitted by Ancestry members. Source (S460058384)
152 Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930 Source (S461677906)
153 Find A Grave Source (S460058421)
154 Find A Grave Source (S460058436)
155 Find A Grave Source (S461573977)
156 Find A Grave Source (S461677836)
157 Find A Grave Source (S461677843)
158 Find A Grave Source (S461677849)
159 Find A Grave Source (S461677853)
160 Find A Grave Source (S461677857)
161 Find A Grave Source (S461677862)
162 Find A Grave Source (S461677871)
163 Find A Grave Source (S461677874)
164 Find A Grave Source (S461677879)
165 Find A Grave Source (S461677880)
166 Find A Grave Source (S461677883)
167 Find A Grave Source (S461677886)
168 Find A Grave Source (S461677893)
169 Find A Grave Source (S461677894)
170 Find A Grave Source (S461677924)
171 Find A Grave Source (S461677927)
172 Find A Grave Source (S461677939)
173 Find A Grave Source (S461726935)
174 Find A Grave Source (S461726948)
175 Find A Grave Source (S461726979)
176 Find A Grave Source (S461726981)
177 Find A Grave Source (S461726984)
178 Find A Grave Source (S461855227)
179 Find A Grave Source (S461857025)
180 Find A Grave Source (S462195424)
181 Find A Grave Memorial #117571165 HUNTER-WESTON, Aylmer Gould, 27th Laird of Hunterston, (P1530)
182 Find A Grave Memorial #117571235 STRANG-STEEL, Grace (I5012)
183 Find A Grave Memorial #134514691 HUNTER, Anne Murdoch (I10804)
184 Find A Grave Memorial #177274650 KNOX, Elizabeth Miller (I7256)
185 Find A Grave Memorial #80132510 HUNTER, William (I9392)
186 Find A Grave Memorial ID 116895768 HUNTER, Eleanora (P399)
187 Find A Grave Memorial ID 137330225 HUNTER, Agnes (I10803)
188 First Lord of the Treasury 1718-21 (last pre-Prime Minister) SPENCER, Charles, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (P5954)
189 for 40 years chief secretary of state to Elizabeth I, has been described as the "chief architect of Elizabethan greatness". He was educ St. John's College, Cambridge.He built London town house, Cecil House, The Strand (later called Burghley House.He was cr Baron Burghley 1571. Also K.G.He built country seat, Burghley House, Lincolnshire 1587. CECIL, William, 1st Baron Burghley, (P6066)
190 Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Source (S460058550)
191 George Washington was born on 11 Feb 1731 according to the Julian calendar. When the English adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, the date shifted forward 11 days so that today we observe Washington's birth date on 22 Feb. WASHINGTON, George (P7582)
192 GPS (lat/lon): 55.80581.-4,26588

Plot: 2G-82

FAG #158377787 
193 Had affair with William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas and had issue. STEWART, Margaret, Countess of Angus, (P6742)
194 Haydn
In 1791, when Joseph Haydn was visiting London for a series of concerts, Hunter offered to perform an operation for the removal of a large nasal polyp which was troubling the great Austrian composer. According to one account, "Haydn, on his visit to London in 1791, [wrote] folksong arrangements, including the Ash Grove, set to words by Mrs Hunter. Haydn had designs on Mrs. Hunter. Her husband...had designs on Haydn's famous nasal polyp. Both were refused."

Nicholas Williams, "Haydn seek: The Haydn Trail, Wigmore Hall, London", The Independent, 23 September 1997 
HOME, Anne (P2962)
195 He founded the Abbey of Deer in Buchan. He held the office of Justiciar [Scotland]. He gained the title of Earl of Buchan, in right of his wife. COMYN, WILLIAM "1st Earl of Buchan, Justicair of Scotland" (P4567)
196 He inherited Ferniehirst by marriage. KER, Thomas, Sir, of Ferniehirst, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, (P8397)
197 He interited Ferniehirst by mar, ancestor of Kerr of Ferniehirst. KER, Thomas, Sir, of Ferniehirst (P6055)
198 He lived at Chertsey, Surrey, England.
He lived at Burton Penwardine, Lincolnshire, England. 
Family F3001
199 He lived at Easter Porsill, Scotland. M'GILCHRIST, John (P383)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MULLEN, B.S.D. (P472)

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