West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1888West Virginia P146
2 Harriet  Mar 1852West Virginia P940
3 Ida  Abt. 1877West Virginia P896
4 Julia E.  Abt 1862West Virginia P984
5 ALLEN, Dana  Abt 1905West Virginia P173
6 ALLEN, Daniel  Abt 1904West Virginia P179
7 ALLEN, E.   P178
8 ALLEN, E.   P174
9 ALLEN, G.   P175
10 ALLEN, J.   P172
11 ALLEN, Lola  Abt 1902West Virginia P177
12 ALLEN, L.   P176
13 BAILEY, Alfred F  Abt. 1876West Virginia P895
14 BAILEY, A.   P43
15 BAILEY, Jennet E  Abt 1905West Virginia P936
16 BAILEY, Jessie B  Abt 1907West Virginia P935
17 BAILEY, Ruby E  Abt 1902West Virginia P937
18 BAILEY, Ruth M  Abt 1899West Virginia P938
19 BAILEY, W.   P42
20 BELCHER, Delila  Abt 1871West Virginia P7147
21 BOYD, N.   P3023
22 BROWN  Aug 1882West Virginia P313
23 BROWN, George E  Jan 1874West Virginia P314
24 BROWN, Joseph  Oct 1844West Virginia P310
25 BROWN, Joseph E  Jul 1880West Virginia P312
26 BROWN, Samantha  Jul 1869West Virginia P311
27 CARSON, Ambrose  Jul 1884West Virginia P201
28 CARSON, Frank  Mar 1890West Virginia P200
29 CARSON, Ira  Oct 1886West Virginia P199
30 CARSON, Lillian  May 1892West Virginia P204
31 CARSON, Nellie  Apr 1898West Virginia P202
32 CARSON, Virgie  Jun 1888West Virginia P205
33 CARWITHEN, Ellen Jane  Feb 1860West Virginia P292
34 CARWITHEN, Enoch H  Jan 1867West Virginia P291
35 CARWITHEN, Theresa  Apr 1862West Virginia P290
36 CASH, C.B.   P1620
37 COOPER, Elijah  Abt 1902West Virginia P7410
38 COOPER, Malachi  Jun 1899West Virginia P7412
39 COOPER, Malchi  Abt 1900West Virginia P7411
40 FLOWER, Ottie  Abt 1900West Virginia P207
41 FLOWERS, Audie  Abt 1900West Virginia P212
42 FLOWERS, Daniel C  Abt 1861West Virginia P211
43 FLOWERS, Herman  12 Apr 1886West Virginia P127
44 FLOWERS, Ida  Jun 1899West Virginia P208
45 FLOWERS, Nellie  Oct 1887West Virginia P210
46 FLOWERS, Susie  Jun 1890West Virginia P912
47 FLOWERS, Tessie  Nov 1894West Virginia P209
48 FOSTER, Charles Allen  May 1889West Virginia P2948
49 FOSTER, Flora  Abt 1868West Virginia P977
50 FOSTER, Ida May  Abt 1865West Virginia P979

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KEEN, Rozelle Susan  1912West Virginia P2408